Artistic/Industrial brand; EV HOME (Sherkate Ghasre Nikan)

Is considering to be creative in decoration industry.

subgroup of complementary productions and furnitures

In Interior design of houses and offices contains:


1-   Decorative Furnitures :

Armchair, Sofa, footstool, storing box …


2-   Home Textiles & Covers :

Cushion, Curtain, Tablecloth, Carpet


3-   Lighting :

Ceiling lamp, Ground Lampshade and Table Lampshade, Decorative light


4-   Frames & Artworks :

Fabric frame, Picture frame, 3D frame


5-   Decorative Accessories :

Voluminal, Vase and decorative dishes …


And the company is produce and presents its productions In integrated groups, by considering the contemporary art and scientific industry productions which is going along with CE.


So by considering the field researches in internal markets and external markets and layering surveys of goal market and modern equipments, caused to produce excellent productions in the factory.

Design and producing the productions in graphic design, structures, coloring, material, its concepts, sensation and applications are capabilities of this brand which represents new sets in new seasons.

The purpose of managing the collection is to change the tendency of goal markets (Iran and Europe) and presenting variety of stuffs  to do egregious change to the conditions of old fashion and monotonous dull houses and offices.

For customers assurance, there is a free adviser for sort and decorating stuffs along to the furniture and components based on the customer interest.


So it will help to make a better choice and Decisions
alongside a reasonable buying without the
knowledge of interior design.

Long life and stability are other benefits of these productions which also satisfy the customers with 2 years guaranty and After-sales services.


Also membership in customers family (EV FAMILY) will be credits of continuous connections with special facilities for members.